My all-time favorite books!

Favorite Classic

The Count of Monte Cristo  by Alexandre Dumas

I loved the movie for years when I was younger but when I read the book, as always, it was phenomenally better! If you want a good, thick book to read, this one should keep you busy for a bit! The language is beautiful and complex enough to work your mind, but not too complex that you have to read it with a dictionary next to you. The plot is detailed and builds throughout the entire book, weaving multiple stories together in a way that constantly holds your attention. A fantastic story that is about so much more than what the movie can ever tell.

(I do still like the movie though!)


Favorite Historical Fiction

Gates of Fire  by Steven Pressfield

This book destroyed me. It is a telling of the story of The 300 from the point of view of a servant to one of the Spartans. Battles, war, loyalty, hard work, and dedication - if you want to read a story that will break your heart, read this.


Favorite YA Fiction Series

The Queens Thief  by Megan Whalen Turner

This series has been my favorite for many years. I received the first book as a prize for staying and reading 5 hours straight during my local library's summer reading program when I was very young. Quite some time after I read the first book, I discovered that it was a series. I was ecstatic! The first book is aimed a bit younger, (but still a ton of fun!), and the next books step up the level beautifully. It is an extremely cleverly written series, and the final book has now been released! (The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia [my personal favorite!], A Conspiracy of Kings, Thick as Thieves, and Return of the Thief). Check out my series review here.


Favorite YA Duology

Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom duology  by Leigh Bardugo

This duology is fantastic. Clever, well-developed characters, a fascinating world, an ante that is always being upped. I loved it! Check out my review here.

Favorite Fairytale Retelling

While Beauty Slept  by Elizabeth Blackwell

This book is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. If you want dark, gritty re-tellings, this is the book for you. This isn't dark quite in the same style as the original Disney stories are dark, but it is definitely very gritty and much more realistic and set in an appropriate time period.


Favorite Adult Fantasy Series

Throne of Glass  by Sarah J. Maas

A fantastic series that left me absolutely devastated and at a loss for what to read next. If you want to know more about it, go check out my series review here (spoiler free!).

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Some of my other "favorites"

Favorite Season: Spring

Fierce thunderstorms, soft, misty nights, birds singing, a morning chill in the air but warmth in the sun, flowers blooming, excitement growing, dark spring aesthetic...

Spring's got it all...(though my second favorite is Fall...)

Favorite Scents

Rain (petrichor), misty nights, cut wood, fresh paint, sharpies, leather, wood smoke (especially pinyon), fresh laundry, dishwasher detergent, pearberry (from Bath and Bodyworks), MIG welding, rich earth...

Favorite Sounds

Thunder, mourning doves, wind in the trees or tall grass, crackling fire, gentle rain on the roof, singing birds...