V for Vendetta

FABULOUS. Absolutely love this movie.


For me, the movie was so much better than the sex-laden graphic novel. Absolutely loved the ride this movie took me on. Well done.

The Village

A slow, beautiful blowing of my mind. Suspense and beauty coexisting. Loved it.


Mind bending. Loved it.


Really fun movie! Action+comedy+Bruce Willis = a really fun watch!

The sequel, Red 2, is really fun as well! Surprisingly the sequel was almost as good as the original, and then they stopped and didn't try to force the series to continue! Beautiful!

The original 1984 "Red Dawn"

I cried. Then I went to Las Vegas, New Mexico and found where they filmed the ending and cried some more.


Infinity Chamber

I cried, but more of a shocked, mind blown cry. Fantastic movie.

What Happened to Monday

I ugly sobbed SO. MUCH.  Gorgeous.


I cried a lot in a public theater, and in front of my new brother-in-law. Very embarrassing, but unavoidable with this movie.

The Arq

Really gets your mind working. Plus, it has Stephen Amell's cousin, Robbie Amell in it! Think of what time travel in a movie does to your add suspense. Great movie.


Thrillers are about as close to the horror genre as I get. This was fantastic. I went through a whole phase with this movie where I hated Valentine's Day and wanted instead to invite people over to watch war movies and Hanna. Because violence is better than mushy love, right?

The Man Who Knew Too Little

Love me some good humor, and this movie had me laughing the whole way!

The original 1960 "The Magnificent 7"

Ugh. So good. And Yul Brynner's face never gets old!

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

A fun movie, and I hate to say it, but I think it was loads better than the book. (I read 800+ plus pages for there to be NO APPARENT POINT TO THE WHOLE THING?!?!?!!!)

Aeon Flux

Sci-fi future and some cool twists? Loved it.


Firefly (and Serenity, the follow-on movie)


Western in space sci-fi. Prepare to have a super fun time, but also to have your heart broken, by the show, the movie, and STUPID FOX.


Another fantastic Joss Whedon show. Action, mind-bending, great characters, amazing story. Only downside is sometimes it gets really..steamy. Loved it, though.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Fantastic. Bought the making-of book and the sheet music.

Phineas and Ferb

A really fun and wholesome show. I absolutely adore this show, and it is fun how they stick more intellectual and meta jokes in there for older audiences, too.

Gravity Falls

This show is beautiful. Gorgeous. I LOVE it, and it broke my heart...but in a good, happy kind of way.

The IT Crowd

My British brother-in-law got me the first season of this show for my birthday one year. A big "THANK YOU!" to him, as I absolutely LOVE that show now! After I started watching I finished all 5 seasons on Netflix very quickly, but I still love to re-watch episodes (or a season) from time to time.

The Guild

This helped me through a darker time in my life. I tried watching it again more recently, but got second-hand embarrassment for the characters so bad it was

almost physically painful. But when I watched it for the first time I really related to it and I really enjoyed it.

Big City Greens

Ok, this is kinda cheating 'cause I haven't actually seen this whole show yet. BUT! I started watching it accidentally and now I really like it! The characters are sweet and well-intentioned, there are some morals, it's animated and fun and fairly light and easy to watch. I like it.

The Loud House

I haven't seen all of this show, either, but I love it. A fun, animated show with some morals and humor. Nice and light. Perfect for lunches between classes or at the end of a long day.

The original "Mission Impossible" tv series

My parents got me the entire series for my birthday one year. We loved watching the show together, and finished the entire series in a year. Classic.


Absolutely fantastic show. I have watched the entire series 4 times already, and can't wait until I can watch it a fifth time!

The Twilight Zone

Also kind of cheating because I haven't finished this show, either. But, I love watching this show for its darker tones, mind benders, and fantastic psychological twists.


Fun show that I watched with my parents. Slightly disappointed that the main character never really developed, he didn't really have a character arc so much as a character clothesline. A side character made more progress than the main character, but that was OK 'cause we like that character. Fun show, though!

Doctor Who

I have cried so much over this show. I started with 9 (Eccleston) and I absolutely loved him. I watched 10 (Tennant) and cried so hard at the end of his time. I promptly went into denial and have refused to move on ever since. One of these days I will move on and start on 11 (Smith).

BBC Sherlock

Fantastic show. Love me some Benadryl Candysnack! ;)

Star Trek (any)

I have yet to watch straight through a single series, but I love to watch episodes of any of the series whenever they pop up on TV. I really enjoy DS9, TNG, and Voyager. I've enjoyed a few episodes of the original series, as well.