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Welcome to Night Vale ♡

My favorite (and really only) podcast that I listen to! It is one of the weirdest things you will ever listen to, and it is SO. MUCH. FUN. It is really hard to describe, but the episodes are around 20-25 minutes, so try just listening to the first episode and you will know whether or not you're into it!


YARD BOYS: Freight Train Hopping America

This video gave me serious  wanderlust.

A documentary from a group of friends that attempted to train hop across America (in case the title didn't make that clear enough).

  • RUSH

RUSH - A Corridor series

This short series by Corridor was fantastic. There were a few things that bugged me, but otherwise it may as well be a professional, full-length action film!

  • DUST
  • Studio C
  • JK! Studios


A fantastic, extremely high-quality channel for all things sci-fi. Their short films are consistently AMAZING, and their new feature film, Prospect, was fascinating as well!

Studio C  ♡

Clean, family-friendly sketch comedy. They have a TON of content, and they are hilarious. (I prefer the original cast - seasons 1-9)

JK! Studios

The original cast members of Studio C are now working to create their own studio to produce more family-friendly sketch comedy,  tv shows, movies, etc.

Door Monster ♡

My favorite YouTube channel. Their weekly comedy sketches cover a wide range, but generally include a fair amount of video game related humor. They are currently changing their channel focus to D&D.

Website:   doormonster.tv

Viva La Dirt League

Comedy sketches 3 times a week with their PUBG Logic, Epic NPC Man (my favorite), and Bored series.

It's A Southern Thing

If you are a Southerner, or have Southern family, friends, etc. these videos are hilarious and, as they say,

"So true, ya'll!"

  • Oats Studios
  • Viva La Dirt League
  • It's a Southern Thing
  • Avi Kaplan
  • James Veitch
  • Devin Supertramp

Avi Kaplan

Avi was originally with the group Pentatonix (PTX), but left the group and has now created his own group with a wildly different style. His music is gorgeous and so relaxing.

James Veitch

British dude goes around scamming scammers hilariously. He also plays a lot of jokes. His videos are fantastic, and I crack up every time I watch him! My favorite is his video "James Veitch is a Terrible Roommate" on Conan.

Devin Supertramp

A lot of extreme stunt type stuff. They sometimes mix their stunt stuff with video games and bring them to life.

My favorites of their work are the Assassin's Creed in Real Life videos!

Marno ASMR ♡

My favorite ASMRtist for straight up comfort. In the world of ASMR Marno to me is like Thanksgiving...you feel safe, comfortable, loved, and you know everything is going to be OK. 

Ephemeral Rift ♡

ASMR videos that range from hours long Lovecraft-esque roleplays to

30 minutes of whispered dad jokes, and believe me he covers everything in-between. A massive world filled with lore if you want it, or you can jump in anywhere and enjoy! 

Website:  ephemeralrift.com



Two professional violinists who act hilariously unprofessional in their videos. Great for anyone who likes classical music or plays an instrument.

  • Marno ASMR
  • Ephemeral Rift
  • TwoSetViolin