6 Underground

Available on Netflix as of the date of this post


Rating: R

Could I have watched this with my Dad? : Yeah, but there would be a few awkward moments (due to sex scenes.)

Could I have watched this with my Mom? : No, (Excessive language, multiple sex scenes, gore).

Language: Yes. F-bombs galore and they also used the c-word.

Sex/Romance: Sex, not really any romance.

Violence/Gore: Yes and yes. A lot of both.

Music: Absolutely bangin'. The soundtrack was probably around a 50/50 split between actual score composed for the film and already popular pieces from various artists. Those pieces are now my new workout playlist.

Did I feel the need to leave the lights off and sit in silence afterward? : No.

Was there a food pairing? : Chicken ramen. Tasty. (Just don't think about dangling optic nerves while you're trying to eat dangling ramen.)

Thoughts: This movie is awesome. I needed a distraction from some really bad news, and this totally did the trick! The only issue I had was I was a little confused as to the timeline in the beginning. The storytelling style was interesting and unique but left me a little confused for a bit. Otherwise, the story was great, the characters were fascinating, and the music was frikkin' awesome!

Was this a good use of a night with the house to myself? : Absolutely!

In the End: 5 out of 5 stars. Sex scenes were brief and unimportant, and the story, soundtrack, and characters more than made up for it!

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