All the single dollars...

I personally LOVE Dollar Tree, but it is a dangerous place for me to go alone, because everything is a dollar. It is so easy to justify buying almost anything when it is only a dollar. That being said, I went in there a couple weeks ago to buy some twine, only to find that they had brought in their Spring inventory, which included a lot of planting items (one of my weaknesses). I came home with the twine...and also four new pots, some potting soil, and four packets of seeds. The seeds weren't even a dollar! I got four packets for a dollar. I figured, hey, for 25c they're worth a shot, right? I picked up a Cottage Flower Garden mix, Foxgloves, Lavender, and Russian Mammoth Sunflowers. For 25c I don't know if the seeds will ever grow, but I planted them yesterday when the weather was so nice out, and now I'm just waiting to find out what will happen! In the meantime I am trying desperately to distract myself and not go back and buy more seeds...we'll see how that works out.

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