Art Update

I was just about to make a run to Target to see if they still had any $1 bottles that I had passed up on the last time I was there, when I saw that a house close by was having a garage sale. I thought I saw glassware, and convinced my Mom to walk over there with me. I took two $10 bills, but hoped to spend less than one of those. Well sure enough, they had a whole table of glassware. And it was all 50c this and $1 that and 25c here and there.

I came home with a box full of goodies to make art with/out of.

1 skin, 1 wooden trivet, 10 glassware objects

Look at this glorious line-up. 12 items. And you wanna know how much I paid for all of this?

Eight American dollars.

I am so excited, you guys! I can't wait to start cleaning them up and deciding what to do with them all! I am especially excited for the rabbit skin, as it was only 50c when they are usually around $15 at places like Hobby Lobby. I have been wanting one for a project for a while, but was always nervous about experimenting on a $15 object. Now I can try it out without fear!

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