Blooping My Way to Bliss

So I saw this post on Pinterest a while ago.

I love psychology, and the stories I have heard of different people classically conditioning themselves and/or others are great. Like this one,

And especially this one, (language)

But every so often I think about that first story again. I think how neat it would be to train my brain to give me a "happy boost" on command. I always figured I wouldn't be able to pull it off, though, mainly because of the consistency needed for the training/conditioning portion. I figured if I got a clicker I would lose it or I would never have it on me when I needed it. My next thought was, I'll get a little tone on my phone and play it every time I finish a workout. That way I would associate the tone with the endorphin rush. But, same issue, and actually a worse idea because I can't just pull out my phone and play a tone at any given time. And what if my phone dies? What if I lose the tone and have to start all of my progress over with a new one?

So anyway, at the start of this summer I accidentally discovered what my trigger would be. Bloop! I had taken a liking to the word recently and had been using it a fair amount as I went about my normal days. It's cute, simple, and can be fairly subtle. (Also it can't die or get lost, and I will always have it with me!) I decided I would try it out, and guys, it has been working FANTASTICALLY! I have been amazed at how quickly I am training my own brain. I say a quiet "bloop!" whenever I am on an endorphin high or whenever I am happy, excited, giddy, ecstatic, pleasantly content, etc. And even only two weeks into the experiment, whenever I blooped at a happy moment it seemed to boost the emotion! I am elated at my progress and super excited to see how this carries through once I go back to school!

A list of things I have "blooped" to so far:

  • When I stood on the side of a giant hill with my best friend and looked through the definitely magic stick I had found

  • When I made it to the top of a difficult spot to climb in the Bisti Badlands and the wind was whipping all around me and the sun was shining on me and there was no other person in sight for miles around and the only thing I could hear was the wind

  • When my best friend and I had been running and jumping off the sand dunes at White Sands all afternoon and we lay there panting in the sand together as the sun set in front of us

  • When I couldn't stop saying "Wooooow!" as we descended the Natural Entrance into the amazing beauty of Carlsbad Caverns

  • As my best friend and I drove through a massive sandstorm after a long and happy day. I felt pleasantly isolated as we drove through the storm.

  • After I licked my plate clean from the most amazing flan I have ever eaten (Santa Fe, Mucho Gusto restaurant if you want some!)

  • As we walked back to the car past the gently sunset-lit cathedral in Santa Fe

  • While contentedly drawing wildflowers on the driveway with chalk while listening to "The Little Prince" soundtrack at sunset

  • At the end of every workout when the endorphins kick in

  • When walking around the park track and the wind blew in my face cooling me off while the sun shone from behind the storm clouds, the birds sang, and the air smelled of a sweet summer

  • When I was sore and sweaty and the hot water in the shower hit me just right and soothed me to my soul

  • While I was singing along wildly to Mamma Mia in the shower

  • After I shrieked in triumph when I FINALLY got gold on a certain race in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

  • As I danced in the kitchen while my music was blaring and I had the house to myself

  • While racing a train on a 4 wheeler with my best friend

  • While standing underneath a massive thunderstorm in Colorado