Bro, do you even dodge?

So, in case you couldn't tell from the gif, trampoline dodgeball (or "bounce dodgeball") is definitely a thing! If you thought dodging a ball speeding for your head just wasn't hard enough, have you tried dodging 5 balls speeding at you when everyone, including yourself, is bouncing all over the place? It can be a lot of fun, and, (similar to tag), it is easy to watch since almost everybody knows the basic rules of dodgeball even if they've never played! There is a trampoline place that has full matches on YouTube, just search for "SkyZone Ultimate Dodgeball." Or if you just search for "bounce dodgeball" you will find a range of matches from amateur to high level. But let me tell ya, at the high level championships, things can get intense!

Some of these guys have amazing reflexes (and acrobatic skills). (Top Ten Dodges ↓ )

The first episode of the championships -

The finals of the championships (if you wanna get right to the best) -

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