Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Exposition: I have a fairly pricey ticket to the Percy Jackson musical which comes around in May. I haven't read the Percy Jackson series, but my best friend loves it.

I started the Artemis Fowl series (around the end of January) because the books were fairly short and the library had all 8 of them. I am finally on the final book of the series.

My library has one copy, ONE, of "Metro 2033", and it takes forever to get ahold of because it is very popular. This means once you get the book, you want to read it immediately, otherwise it will be months before you will get a chance at it again. I put a hold on the book sometime back before Christmas. The book finally came in shortly after I had started the Artemis Fowl series.

My favorite book series has its final book being released on March 19th, which means I need to re-read the first 5 books in that series before that date so that I can read the final book the day I can get my hands on it.

The show I'm stage managing at school this semester starts rehearsals next week, which means my free time (see also: reading time) will be drastically reduced.

What does all of this mean?

Conclusion: It means I am attempting to rapidly devour books as fast as possible before I see the movie, watch the musical, read the final book, etc.

Action Plan: My current "schedule" of reading, then, is as follows: Finish the Artemis Fowl series as fast as possible so I can read "Metro 2033" before it is due back to the library (March 1st). If I like "Metro 2033", buy "Metro 2034" and "Metro 2035" and read them as fast as possible before donating them to the library (unless I absolutely LOVE the series, in which case buy "Metro 2033" as well). As soon as I finish "Metro 2033" (or the series) re-read the first 5 books of "The Queen's Thief" series (before March 19th), putting a preemptive hold on at least the first two books of the Percy Jackson series at the local library probably as soon as I start reading the fourth book of "The Queen's Thief" series. Buy "The Return of the Thief" and read it. Read at least the first book of the Percy Jackson series before I see the musical at the end of May. I can finish the Percy Jackson series after I see the musical if need be.

After that, I need to read the "Mortal Engines" quartet since the movie came out before I even knew they were making a movie, and then the "Fever Crumb" series that is the prequel to "Mortal Engines." After that it is the Chaos Walking trilogy since they are making a movie of the first book of that series soon. Then it will be "Catch-22," also soon to be a movie. And finally, whichever Agatha Christie novel is getting turned into a movie next.

In looking for a gif to go with the title of this post, I found this absolutely perfect gif as well!

This is about what it has been like trying to finish the Artemis Fowl series since "Metro 2033" came in!