Car Maintenance

Exposition: I drive my Mom's old minivan. I love it because it has room to carry all my friends around and all their stuff. Plus, with the back seats laid down I have made a nest of blankets in the back and I can stretch out and sleep back there!

The Story: The last time I took the van in for their thirty-two-bajillion point exam thing, the garage told me that within the next few months there was a list of things that would need to be done on the car. (It wasn't a sexist "Let's fleece the naive female" thing. My family has gone to this garage for years and they are always very good to us.) The list added up and was a bit pricey, as there were a couple large parts that would need fixing/replacing including the front struts and rear shocks (both make the ride smoother). I was reluctant to take the van back in, as I didn't have even half of the money needed available in my "Car Maintenance" budget. But, my best friend and I are leaving for a week long road trip this week, and I wanted to make sure that we wouldn't die out in the wilderness just because I didn't want to pay for the maintenance it needed. So I took the car in and handed them the keys, and the next day forked over the wad of cash to ransom it back again. When I was driving out of the garage parking lot, I braced for the jolt at the bottom of the dip, but just passed right over it. I was shocked. (Ba-dum-tss) I said, "Oh-Oh wow! That's niiiice!"

Conclusion: So now I don't chip a tooth on every pothole or dip (or have to swerve like a drunk around anything that vaguely resembles a pothole), and some of the weird noises the van has been making for so long have stopped, so...yeah. Good stuff.

Final Review: 5 out of 5 stars. Car maintenance can actually be really helpful, guys!

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