Crown of Midnight (ToG #2)

Final Summary:

Total Hours to Read: 4 ½

--Average pages per minute: 1.53

Sex/Romance: Yes to both. There is some description of the sex, but it's more about feelings than actual descriptive detail.

Language: Some mild language, yes. (On the level of $h*t)

Violence: Again. Assassin.

Thoughts: Great step up from the first book. A lot of sex for my taste, but otherwise I really enjoyed this book. I loved the plot development. I said the first book didn't seem to get too far, and now it is obvious as to why: we are in it for the long game. There is a ton of ground to cover in this series, and trying to fit it all in one book would be absolutely atrocious. Even trying to fit more in the first book wouldn't work very well. So the first book was a perfect appetizer to whet the appetite for the coming books. I love how complicated the character relationships become as people grow and change, it gives a depth to the characters and plot and makes it feel more realistic. I love the twists the book takes, and I especially love the variety of strong females we are starting to accumulate!

In the end: 4 out of 5 stars. Super excited to continue the series!

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