Death on the Nile

Final Summary:

Total Hours to Read: Just over 4

--Average pages per minute: 1.29

Sex/Romance: No sex, some very light romance, but romance is not the focus.

Language: There might have been some, but I didn't catch it. (I was trying to blitz through the book pretty quickly before I had to return in to the library.)

Violence: It's a murder mystery novel. There is definitely death. (SPOILER >>> there is also suicide that is almost praised. <<< END SPOILER)


  • There are some very outdated ideas on women

  • Great plot

  • I love how Ms. Christie gives the reader the pieces to solve the mystery, but doesn't spoon feed, and keeps it complicated enough that it's unlikely you'll spoil it.

In the end: 4 out of 5 stars. Kept me guessing the whole way!

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