Elliot - Family Watch

Available on Netflix as of the date of this post


Rating: PG

Language: None.

Sex/Romance: Very tiny romance.

Violence/Gore: None.

Music: Nothing of note.

Thoughts: This movie would probably be a lot better for a younger age group, but I have seen plenty of animated movies that are appropriate and enjoyable for a wide age range. The perspectives often felt off, the movie seemed to go through some pretty extreme mood swings that gave me mild whiplash, the animation was fine I guess (disappointing in comparison to the other animated movies I have seen recently), the characters were...interesting, some of the size comparisons (human vs animal vs elf) seemed a little wonky at times, the world seemed to lack history and any sense that the creators knew their world/its lore, and a lot of times things in the world felt as if they had no purpose and had just been put there to fill an empty space. Two good things: Santa (after a rather embarrassing, angry outburst) made an apology for acting rashly, and there was a nice variety of personalities in the characters.

In the End: 2 out of 5 stars, the miniature horse had a miniature impact.

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