Exploding hearts?!

Magically Grrrrreat!

Exposition: I was stage managing a show, and we were in tech week (see also: "Hell Week"), which is a pretty intense period for the crew of a show.

The Story: During a break one night, a few of us, (students and professors), were discussing what we like to eat (or drink if over 21) to relax after a long tech night. One of my professors mentioned that his favorite thing to do after a long night was to eat a big bowl of frosted flakes lucky charms. What? Is that a thing? Absolutely. He said they took the marshmallows of lucky charms and put them in frosted flakes. Amazing. I went and found it in the grocery store the next week and bought a box to try. I took the box home, put it in the cabinet, and- there it sat...and sat...and sat. WHY?! Well, I was afraid the amount of sugar in the cereal would kill me. I was terrified of what it would do to my immune system. And in the end, I had a funny fear of my heart taking off like a galloping horse and then exploding. (Not in reality, but still...remember what happened with the Excedrin Migraine?)

Finally, FINALLY, one day I decided I was going to try it. I poured myself a bowl and sat down to some Saturday morning cartoons. I took a bite. Heaven. Joy. Pure, amazing sugar exploded in my mouth. It reminded me of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, except it didn't need any extra sugar scooped on it!

Now I save this special box of "sugar that counts as a food" for long nights after rehearsal or tech when I really need food to comfort my soul. Thank you, professor, thank you.

Final Review: 4 out of 5, delicious, but I'm still kind of curious to feel my heart explode!

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