Frozen 2 - Not Just for Girls' Night


Rating: PG

Language: None.

Sex/Romance: Light romance.

Violence/Gore: Minor violence (no blood).



I blew out my voice because I was belting the same three songs repeatedly for three days straight.

Beautiful melodies that were intricate and mature but still so sing-along-able. The music yanked at my heartstrings. It made me cry more than once.

Thoughts: I didn't mind the first movie. It was fine, but by the time I was roped into seeing it, "Let it Go" had already been so massively overplayed that I was already over it. So, when I heard about the second one I was skeptical to say the least. However, reviews started coming in from friends and family and the rumor was that it was actually really good. I decided to go with an open mind, and took my mom to the theater to see it. (We never go to the theater so it was already a fun trip!) All that to say, I cried three times.

The whole movie was so much more mature than the first one. It reminded me a little bit of how the Toy Story franchise had their movies/characters grow up to match the viewers' growth over the years. This movie (and the music) just felt so much deeper than the first. I loved the more adult topics they managed to cover in a (usually) lighthearted and easy-to-understand way. One of my favorite lines from the movie was, " If you don't want me to chase you into fire, then don't run into fire!" How powerful is that?

The animation? Stunning. Absolutely breathtaking. Gorgeous. At times amazingly intricate and detailed, and at other times so beautifully simple and serene, watercolored bliss.

The storyline was unique and creative. I loved the answers we got to questions from the first movie, and the questions we were left with that left room for a third movie.

The music is absolutely fantabulous, and I loved that they seemed to incorporate elements of Kulning, or the ancient Swedish herding call. (You can listen to a quick example here.)

And one of my last favorite little things, was that (no spoilers, we all know Elsa has ice powers) I'm pretty sure they used the sound of singing ice at one point! This is a really fascinating phenomena that happens when a body of water starts to freeze over and the ice cracks under pressure. (You can watch a short video on that here, or you can listen to two phenomenal examples here [extraordinary, otherworldly sounds] and here [amazing bass sounds, best with over-ear headphones].)

A tip: wait till the very, very end of the credits.

In the End: 5 out of 5 snowflakes. In fact, have a flurry.


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