Gundpowder Milkshake


Rating: R

Could I have watched this with my Dad? : Yep!

Could I have watched this with my Mom? : Maybe! There is an awful lot of blood, though.

Language: A good handful of f-bombs, quite a few fudges (literally used to replace the f-word) and some other lighter language as well.

Sex/Romance: None. (Although you might infer some previous romance from what some characters say. Possibly.)

Violence/Gore: A lot of both.

Music: Awesome.

Was there a food pairing? : Nope, we had already eaten dinner before we started.


  • I see this as John Wick except way better and with a kickass squad of females instead of the usual, overdone, single, broody male! And when I say way better I mean the story, characters, action sequences, weapon tricks, and soundtrack were all better.

  • First off, look at the poster! It is all women! Not a single man in sight! And only one out of five is doing the butt shot, and it isn't even super sexualized! They are all power-stancing with badass weapons and looking like motherf***ing BOSSES!!!!!

  • They didn't make a sexified female villain that they had to fight! (One of my few qualms with Space Sweepers.)

  • One of my very few issues was that things were occasionally dark to the point of it being hard to see what was happening. I loved all the neon coloring they used throughout, and just wished on occasion that they could have brightened some things up just a bit.

  • All of the women got to do flashy moves that didn't do much but make them look amazing just like guys usually get to do in their action movies.

  • They made a complete story. They didn't leave the main plot unfinished to very obviously leave room for a money-grabbing sequel (lookin' at you again, Mr. Wick).

  • They did not shy away from showing the women doing all the work while the rich, old, white men sat back and refused to take responsibility for anything.

  • Final thought: I loved it 💙😍💛

Was this a good use of a night with my most favoritest sister? : Absolutely!

In the End: 5 out of 5 stars. Hell yeah!