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Exposition: I first had Hamilton strongly recommended to me back around early 2017. A guy I was friends with was obsessed with the "rewind" moment of "Satisfied." He was so enthusiastic for the show, and so excited to show it to me. I wasn't that interested, but he was so excited that I finally relented and told him I would listen to the soundtrack. Well, I listened and pretty soon I was obsessed with the soundtrack as well! I was working in Dallas before Christmas last year, and heard some co-workers discussing Hamilton tickets. Turns out that tickets from season ticket holders were being sold for around $800. Eight. Hundred. Dollars. And for the worst seats no less. I knew there was no way I or my best friend could afford that. I despaired. But then they told me that the next morning at 9 am the venue would be opening up general tickets ranging from one to several hundred dollars. I didn't have work until the evening on Saturday, so I decided I would do my best to be there. I had to drive an hour to get to Dallas, so I left around 7 am Saturday morning. When I got there around 8 am I was 78th in line. I waited in the line for hours and finally reached the front. I purchased four tickets at $200 each, and they were great seats on the orchestra left side only 21 rows back! (That may sound like a ways back, but they actually were really good seats for only $200.)

The Story: My best friend got two of the tickets and gave one to her younger sister for Christmas that year. We anxiously waited for April 27th. The day finally came, and we were all dolled up and raring to go! We arrived, we entered, found our seats, left our seats to take a bunch of pictures with the set, returned to our seats, and then finally the show began.... I spent most of the show like this (except with a smile), pretty much from the opening notes.

Ugh. You guys, if you think the music is powerful just listening to it, just wait until you see it performed live! The power of their voices, the force of the chorus singing as one, the dynamics of the harmonies...UGH! My brain could hardly take it all in fast enough! I bopped along to every song and had to work super hard not to sing along out loud. I LOVED it. I had seen a thread of posts on Pinterest about things you see/hear in the show that you can't get from just listening to the soundtrack, and I loved watching/listening for those things . (You can find the first post of the thread here and you can find the others in the "More Like This" beneath it.) The only thing was our cast seemed to lack a little energy in their performance, but otherwise everything was superb. I also made sure to watch the rewind moment extra close for my friend who isn't around anymore. The show was gorgeous. It was soul-destroying. And the only reason I never fully cried was because my mascara wasn't waterproof (often a saving grace for me).

Favorite Moments: When Hamilton is writing and the British soldier shoots and the bullet goes over his head in slow motion right as he lifts his head up.

When Eliza took Alexander's hand again in "It's Quiet Uptown," our Hamilton was so overwhelmed and emotional that he had to bend over and put his hand on his knees. I know it sounds kind of dumb, but in person it hit all three of us really hard.

All the little moments in between and snippets of transitional songs, etc. that we don't get by just listening to the soundtrack. (Especially the Laurens interlude, and especially the end of the Laurens interlude when Laurens and Hamilton look at each other one last time.)

*EDIT: The lighting on Angelica's line, "It's Ben Franklin with a key and a kite. You see it, right?" But honestly, the lighting throughout the entire show was a ton of fun to watch and added so much dimension to everything that was happening!

In the End: 9 out of 10 stars, would DEFINITELY recommend! A beautiful and exhilarating experience.

(A link to my Hamilton board on Pinterest here.)

Anxiously anticipating

Left to Right: My best friend, Me, My best friend's younger sister

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