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Updated: May 26, 2019

Working knowledgeably alongside others towards common goals.

The Story: I am taking a class this semester called Stagecraft II. (I am majoring in Theatre Design and Technology.) As the final project for the class, we have to design and complete a project in a chosen area that we have worked in over the semester. (We are also encouraged to incorporate aspects from more than one shop.) We can choose from scene shop (construction), lighting, costume, etc. Well, my herb garden has rapidly overflown the sweet greenhouse that my parents gave me for Christmas, so I decided to build a small greenhouse to go along the side of the garage. I drafted the plans in Vectorworks (which took me awhile 'cause I had to use my old drafting class notes to do everything), and then bought supplies and started the construction. This last week was the last week of classes, but I will still be working on my project through this coming Thursday (it's not due till Friday). But by this last Friday, I am so far along on my project, and at this point I know pretty much exactly what I am doing, that it is just fun working on it at this point! I love knowing what I am doing. Several others are also working on projects in the shop, and I love when we are all working alongside each other. We will take breaks from our projects to help or admire another project. We will compliment and encourage each other as we go. We are learning, but also have a good knowledge of what we are doing. We are working hard but enjoying it...and I LOVE it.

The 3D draft of my greenhouse. It will have doors and a top piece, and will be covered in vinyl for winter.

*UPDATE - final pics

The finished product at home. I had to disassemble the greenhouse, transport it, and then reassemble it at home. Here it is pictured next to the original, overflowing greenhouse!

Got her all filled up with plants! (For a sense of scale, at the highest pitch the greenhouse measures 6 feet tall)

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