Heaven Is...

A celebration.

I had the opportunity to witness a beautiful thing the other day. A friend walked into the scenic painting class and told a group of us that he had texted a girl and was waiting on a response. He was obviously nervous and was talking to friends to avoid thinking about it too much. He had several false alarms with texts of support from other friends, but around an hour later, as we were all finishing cleaning up from our painting lab he received a text with a positive reply. In the moment he read the text he shouted and threw his arms up in triumph and the entire group that was circled around him all shouted and cheered in immediate response. Such a display of friendship and empathy in the positive emotions was heartwarming. I believe that heaven will be like that. And maybe that is what it is like every time someone new shows up...everyone gathers around and in the most sincere friendship cheers in jubilation that another one has made it into their midst!

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