Heaven Is...

An open world RPG (with cheats)

On my recent road trip with my bestie we got to stop in and see the Carlsbad Caverns. From the moment we reached the start of the Natural Entrance until probably about the next morning, I don't think I ever stopped saying, "Woooow!" We paid $15 dollars each to get into the caverns, and I kept feeling like I had just paid $15 to purchase a DLC map for Earth. It felt like something straight out of Skyrim, but the graphics were AMAZING and I didn't have access to the TCL cheat (lets you walk through walls, the ground, the air, etc.) Every time we would see a big hole in the roof of the cave or off to the side we would point and say "I wanna go in that hole!" Except we couldn't go in the hole, and we couldn't jump off the ledge into the "Bottomless Pit," we couldn't climb up the giant stalagmites and then fly up to see what was up there in the ceiling, and we couldn't climb down the rickety old wire and stick ladder from 1924...And while that barely affected my joy and amazement at what was all around me, I still wished...and I realized that I think Heaven is a giant open world full of adventure and story. And maybe it's not too hard, but maybe it's not easy either ('cause where is the fun if there is absolutely no work for the reward?), but you get to work to discover new places and you can go wherever you want and see all the things and you can fly up those holes in the caves and jump off those cliffs and see where they go and just see it all...

A group looking back up at the light from the Natural Entrance

Unless you've been there and stood in the Big Room, I really don't think you can ever fully comprehend the enormity, the entirely massive scope of the size of the caverns. Even having been there I'm still not sure I can comprehend it fully.

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Heaven Is...

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