I received an "URGENT." job offer...

So I got a fun email a while back and thought I'd share. Somehow this email slipped through all the junk mail filters. As soon as I saw it sitting in my inbox I already knew it was spam, but I was interested, so I opened the email and began to read.

The email starts off...

Ok, wow. Obviously this letter is very urgent. It is so urgent. It is urgently urgent.

It continues...

"I am looking for a friendly, simple & trust worthy..." Wow, I think I was just insulted. Also, don't even get me started on this dude's punctuation and grammar. And then I find it interesting that this guy somehow believes that taking 3-6 hours out of my every day (which could be increased) still leaves room for a "regular job." Not to mention that fact that I'm in school full time.

This is extremely vague...is there more? Of course.

Ah yes, the processing of the mails. No specification on what kind of mail it is that I'm processing. Or what the heck they even mean by "processing." Is it emails? Snail mail? Chain mail? Am I sorting them? Forwarding them? Alphabetizing? Just reading them and really taking in what the sender said and processing what their message is?

Data entry. Again, no specifications. Do I need computer skills? Typewriter skillz? Is it boring stuff like computer use statistics? Or am I inputting data on the soon-to-be uprising of the new age dragons from Elgon?

"Receive calls/ at specific times." So I'm receiving random calls (Stranger Danger, anyone?), and I am to receive some calls at specific times. This is definitely starting to sound...well, even more fishy.

Ok, I know how this works. You just don't want your real name on the reservations and appointments. And if anyone starts snooping there's no direct connection to you. Some rando you met on the internet made the actual appointment or reservation, right? I have a feeling the flights are either to Canada, Russia, or the Ca