Rating: PG-13

Could I have watched this with my Dad? : Yes.

Could I have watched this with my Mom? : Yes.

Language: One use of the f-bomb (as allowed for a PG-13 rating).

Sex/Romance: The tiniest mention of romance.

Violence/Gore: None.

Music: The organ nearly killed me. And as much as the style of music didn't seem to quite fit the style of the movie, it somehow still felt right and kept me so engaged.

Also, occasionally I would hear a piece of the melody from "Growing Up" from "The Little Prince" soundtrack. In "The Little Prince" soundtrack you can hear the refrain I'm talking about within the first 30 seconds of the piece linked here. And in the "Interstellar" soundtrack piece here you can hear it starting at 23 seconds and again really clearly at 3:48. It is found other places in the soundtrack as well, but I think this might be the clearest example. And obviously it's not the exact same, it was just similar enough for my ears to perk up and for me to recognize it. And it's no wonder, as Hans Zimmer composed the scores for both movies.

Did I feel the need to leave the lights off and sit in silence afterward? : Yes, and in fact, I continued to sit for a while after the credits had ended even.

Was there a food pairing? : Reheated pizza. It took me a bit to eat as I was so engrossed in the movie, and once I'd finished that I was too absorbed in the movie to get more food or even dessert. (If I'm too distracted to get dessert, that's saying something.)

Thoughts: A bit of a slow start, but not so slow that I lost interest. They had me engaged pretty well from the beginning.

This movie definitely had some hints of Inception vibes (which makes sense, because of the same director and composer). If you like Inception, then you have a better chance of liking this. If you didn't prefer Inception you might not like this.

Did I yell at the characters some? Yes. Did I get a super bouncy leg when things got tense? Also yes. But, did I hyperventilate? ...yes. And I cried. A couple times, actually.

It was amazing. It held me enthralled and it blew my mind. I loved it.

Was this a good use of a night with the house to myself? : Yes.

In the End: 5 out of 5 stars. Stellar.

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