King of Thorns (Book 2)

This book was not a one night read like the first one. I read until about 2 am the first night, and then spent another four hours finishing it the next day. (About an 8-hour read total).

I think I prefer the first book over the second a bit, but not too much. This book I had a little more trouble following as the author jumped heads, stories, and years, and at first I was completely unaware! (Tip: don't skip chapter number sub-titles...they just might tip you off to important elements such as time jumps!) In the end though, this is a great follow-on of the first book that left me really excited and set to read the final book of the trilogy. More and more of the world is being revealed in bits and pieces throughout the story and I cannot wait to see how the author ties everything up in the final book!

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