Kingdom of Ash (ToG#7)

Final Summary:

Total Hours to Read: 12 ½

--Average pages per minute: 1.31

Sex/Romance: WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WAR TO END EVERYTHING THERE IS NO TIME FOR SEX...okay apparently there is a little time for sex. There was a lot less in this book than some of the previous books, but still very graphically described.

Language: Same as all the others, mild language scattered throughout.

Violence: Absolutely. Also, some graphic descriptions of various torture methods.


Guys, wow. Just wow. This was the bestest, most amazingest, thrilling, epic conclusion and it absolutely BLEW me away! There was only one thing I wanted to see that I didn't see by the end, and it was extremely minor anyway, so nbd. But the skill, the absolute finesse of Sarah J Maas just astounds me! She gave me heart-breaking pain and sweet satisfaction in equal measure until I was crying from both simultaneously. From the lowest lows to the most gloriously high highs, she drug my heart through the gamut of pretty much every single emotion possible. She found subtle ways to subvert my suspicions and predictions without it coming off as a "twist" or a cheap trick. She shredded my heart into a thousand minuscule pieces and then turned around and gave me everything I had hoped for but not always in the way I expected it. She gave me things I didn't even know to want!

I've heard it said that part of a writer's job is to know what the reader will want and to somehow satisfy that. She knew, oh she knew. And she gave it to us. And the thing is, you can't truly appreciate the highs unless you have come from the lowest place, so she took us there first, let us wallow in our misery, and then gave us the most gloriously perfect developments in the story as reward.

I finished off the last 7 hours or so of reading in one day, and I sobbed through about the last 100 pages of the book. The emotional devastation. AUGH. I cried so hard for so long, but eventually calmed myself down enough to leave my room for some food. But when my parents started asking me about how the book had gone, I started sobbing all over again! I sobbed so hard and for so long that I completely plugged myself up and couldn't breathe through my nose when I tried to go to sleep that night. And my eyes burned. Good glory, they burned. When they were open it was pain, and when I tried to close them IT WAS ONLY MORE PAIN. They kept burning through the entire next day as well. And my eyelids were SO PUFFY the next morning! I could actually see them in my vision just a little bit they were so swollen. All of that to say that everything up till now has been so worth it and the ending gave me an idea of what heaven might be like. Bless you, Sarah J Mass. Bless you.


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