Klaus - Girls' Night

Available on Netflix as of the date of this post.


Rating: PG

Language: None.

Sex/Romance: Some romance.

Violence/Gore: Violence, yes. (But it is animated and the movie is aimed younger, so nothing bad.) Gore, no.

Music: At times very stirring and at others cute and fun. A perfectly fitting soundtrack.

Would my Dad like it?: I think he would!

Thoughts: A unique animation style with the most unique origin story I have ever seen. There were a few small moments where the animation didn't seem to fit (very dark and oddly disturbing/unsettling) that could be a bit upsetting for very young children, but they were few and very brief. The music combined well with the story and animation and made for a beautiful tale that I absolutely loved. I cried one very stoic tear.

In the End: 4 out of 5 stars. Fun and touching.

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