Not Just for the Cool Kids™

I used to think that the people who drove with their arms resting out their car windows were SO. COOL. I mean, obviously they were just the coolest people. They knew what was up. And they couldn't be bothered by wind. They were cooler than the wind, dangit. ...And now? Well, now I'm outgrowing a few of my old stereotype thought processes. Slowly. But more importantly, I've found out that sticking your hand out your car window as you drive down the road is not just for the Cool Kids ™ .

I spend a lot of my time driving to and from school. Last semester I drove back and forth, 20 minutes each way, two or three times a day. That's 1 ½ to 2 hours in the car 5 days out of the week! This semester is a little better, but I am still in the car a good deal. And let me tell you, the car can get old. Especially the same route in the car. And then sitting inside for hours every day. I start to feel like Gollum! " And we forgot... the sound of trees, the softness of the wind." I LOVE nature, and always wish I could be out in it more, but sometimes all the time I have in a day is the time I am walking to and from my car at school. At some point, I got so frustrated. "It's a beautiful day! I want to be in it, but instead I am stuck in the car for the next 20 minutes." I considered opening the sunroof, but it never let in much real sunlight or fresh air. So I rolled my window down. Seems simple, right? And it really was, but for some unknown reason all these years I never really considered it an option. The roads are loud, the wind roars in an open window, and then there's...what? I didn't really have any other reason. I am dumbfounded as to why I didn't just roll down the window sooner. I realized after the first time that most often the traffic on the road kept things slow enough that the wind didn't really roar in my window. Instead, I got to feel the sunshine on my skin and the fresh air came rushing in to me. I loved it. Now, I get to still enjoy the fresh air and sunshine a little bit each day. I just turn up my music a little bit louder to hear over the traffic noise. Nbd. I love feeling the sunshine on my arm. I love being in connection with the world that way. As my hand floats outside my car, I can feel when there's moisture in the air signalling a misty night or coming storm. I can feel that chill in the air cutting through the warm sun and know a cold front is on its way. Or I can just feel. I have my finger on the pulse of Mother Nature, if you will, and I love it. (Except that sounds super pretentious. I just like to feel the air and guess at the weather.) But you wanna know the biggest bonus of all...

Now, I am one of the Cool Kids.

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