Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The breathtaking sequel

Time Played: 26 hours (I finished the main storyline, and then did a couple hours of grinding to finish off winning races and buying upgrades for the achievements)

Aesthetics/Graphics: Breathtaking, yet again.

Gameplay: A fun (though very occasionally rage-inducing), steadily-leveled challenge that feels amazing when mastered and takes mastery to complete the game. Loved the new mechanics, but I did feel a bit odd about losing all my abilities from the first game at the start of this one.

Story: Pulls you in without taking a ton of time. Touching. May have made me a bit misty-eyed at times.

Soundtrack: Exquisite. Whimsical, motivational, moving, and so appropriately crafted to fit the locations and situations.

Language, Romance, Gore: None.

Thoughts: I think I love this game as much as I love the first one (which is a lot)! And to me that says a lot, because a sequel well-done is a rare find.

I loved that they kept the game familiar with some of the same mechanics from the first installment, but simultaneously fresh by incorporating new mechanics and new aspects as well.

I loved that I got to interact with more characters in the world this time, and those little moki were just the cutest things.

The antagonists were all intimidating, and I'm gonna be honest even as a fully-grown adult the introduction of the main antagonist was haunting and a bit terrifying.

The story was unique and took a turn I definitely did not expect. Very well done.

Was it worth the money?: I paid $16 (Thanks, Steam Christmas sales!), but would have gladly paid $30 for this game.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars for a sequel that's equal đź‘Ť

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