Portal 2

Steam Summer Sales can be deadly...well, for your wallet anyway.

Time Played: 25 hours (for main game play only)

Aesthetics/Graphics: Wow, what a huge step up from the first one! The graphics were amazing, and the world they built for this game was phenomenal and appropriately creepy and at times even terrifying! I took so many screenshots and kept saying "Wow!" every time I would turn another corner!

Did it ever make me motion sick?: Yes, I did have some issues with motion sickness with this game, but usually only when I played for extended periods (several hours straight).

Gameplay: They did a great job upping the challenge level for this game. They kept the same mechanics, but added new obstacles, etc. that really made me work to find the solution.

Story: Sensational. Wow, the story was amazing and kept me fascinated and engaged the whole way!

Language, Romance, Gore: No strong language, no romance, and no gore unless you consider getting straight up murdered by sarcasm gore!

Thoughts: Holy cow this entire game was a massive step up from the first one! Gameplay, challenge level, graphics, story, world, e v e r y t h i n g! The world was enormous. When you start the game you think it is going to be pretty straight forward like the first one, but then it ends up being worlds larger! (The first game had about 20 levels in the main gameplay, and this one had around 100!) The character(s) added, and the development of the characters throughout the game was fantastic.

Was it worth the money?: I paid 74 cents for this game, just like I did for the first one, but got so much more for my money this time! I would have gladly paid $20 to $30 for this game!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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