Predator's Gold

Second book in the Mortal Engines series (aka The Hungry City Chronicles)

Final Summary:

Total Hours to Read: 3 ½

--Average pages per minute: 1.58

Sex/Romance: No sex mentioned, but definite romance/romantic motivations/plotlines, etc.

Language: None.

Violence: Yes, and some gory descriptions that were chilling.

Thoughts: I really appreciate how the author shows the characters experiencing light cases of PTSD (if there is such a thing as a "light case"). These are literal children that kill people and nearly die quite often as well as undergoing some brutal experiences, it is only right that there should be lingering effects on their behaviors, personalities, psyches, etc. Also, I like how there are clearly shown consequences to actions. Intentional or otherwise, good or bad, consequences exist and have a real impact on the story. And I absolutely love how the author isn't afraid of showing collateral damage. People die sometimes really awful deaths because of various events. Sometimes these events are caused by the main characters, sometimes they just happen to be present to witness the inevitable tragic climax of someone else's story, but the collateral damage is shown and described and not taken lightly.

The first book I really, really enjoyed, and it had a perfectly fine ending that certainly left it open for a sequel but would also be a complete and fully satisfying ending on its own. So was this continuation necessary? No. But was it fun? Yes. I enjoyed getting more in-depth in the world and discovering new groups and new perspectives. I also look forward to seeing where the next two books take things.

This book, at my library anyway, is listed under YA Fiction. This book though, because of some of the a n g s t in the relationships felt almost more like Juvenile Fiction. However, I suppose as the main characters are teenagers, it is actually age appropriate. But, if there is anything I dislike slightly less than sex in a book it is angsty, jealous, romantic relationships.

In the end: 4 out of 5 stars. (Reader's Silver?)

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