Primitive Mind Reading

Highly Suspicious Suspect

Theory: Old iPods, especially iPod Classics, were equipped with early prototypes of government mind-reading technology.

Proof: The many times my iPod classic -on shuffle- has adjusted the music to my mood, and the numerous occasions on which I have thought of a different song in my head and the next song it played was that very song.

Look this is a pretty simple theory, OK? There isn't much to explain, and I feel like if you have ever owned an iPod classic you will completely agree with me on this one. Maybe it's not the government, maybe it wasn't early prototypes, but whoever and whatever they definitely read moods at the very least and minds more than likely! In fact, I wager that the same entity (entities?) behind ads on Amazon, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. that pop up for what you just happened to be thinking about 5 seconds ago got their tech from the iPod classics.

So is it benign? We already know they are blatantly reading our minds and making bold use of the information. But with hundreds of millions of iPod classics sold during its production and the tech having been upgraded and massively increased in use and application over the following years I guess a better question might be, "When will they stop reading thoughts, and start planting them? "

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