Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

Ok WOW. I was so not ready for this book! I sat down last night somewhere between 9 and 10 pm to start reading this book, read straight through and subsequently finished it at 1:08 am this morning! There was a bit of panic as I hadn't expected to read the book in one sitting and I had to run out this afternoon to a different library to pick up the second book in the trilogy and then pay for 1-day shipping on Amazon to get the third book to my house in time (my city library doesn't have the final book).

Let me just say, this book was fantastic. There were only two small elements that I was a bit uncomfortable with. First, the main character is 13 years old when the book starts, yet commands the respect of a gang of road-toughened men. I quickly got over this as I sank into the book (and it is explained later in the book, as well). Second, the world they are in means that the men the book focuses on treat women, sex, and rape very lightly. There were never detailed descriptions of sex, though, and that helped me be able to look past it as a flaw of the society they lived in. Despite those bumps, I absolutely ate up every word in this book as I raced through it! The plot and the world took several turns that I definitely did not see coming, and I loved it! Honestly, I feel like if you really wanted to you could stop after the first book and be OK, but I am ravenous for the world I lived in briefly last night and cannot wait to read the second book tonight!

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