Queen of Shadows (ToG#4)

Final Summary:

Total Hours to Read: Just under 8

--Average pages per minute: 1.37

Sex/Romance: Some very steamy moments, but no sex. (Rape is also strongly implied throughout.)

Language: Same as the previous books. Light use of mild language on the level of $h*t, b**ch, and b**tard.

Violence: Assassin protagonist. Lots of violence.

Thoughts: Some other issues grappled with in this book include: stillborn babies, prostitution, rape. // This book was so satisfying in so many ways. It maintains a good balance of struggle and frustration with such sweet satisfaction when things go right. I am living for these character arcs! The characters are so dynamic! They learn, they grow, they change, they go through some heavy sh*t and are actually deeply changed by it. They work on themselves and create dynamic, ever-changing relationships with others that grow and change over time and through different circumstances. GORGEOUS. I cannot wait to see what comes next!

In the end: 4 out of 5 stars. This series is becoming Queen of my heart!

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