Ready Player One


Rating: PG-13

Language: Yes, actually a surprising amount for the rating. Also, they used their one allowed f-bomb. (Also, someone flips the bird, but it is shown from a distance and not as obvious.)

Sex/Romance: A couple of very obvious allusions to sexual stuff.

Violence/Gore: Almost all animated, but there is some real-world peril and an explosion.

Music: Very fitting for an action movie rife with 80s references.

Thoughts: Similar to Mortal Engines, the book was so different. I like the movie a lot by itself, but if you watched the movie and are wondering if it is worth it to still read the book, IT IS. As always, you get so much more from the book than you do from the movie, but if you're not into books then just enjoy the movie! And let me tell you, it is a very enjoyable movie!

In the End: 4 out of 5 stars for a fantastic adventure!

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