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Rating: PG-13

Language: Yes, there was some language. (A PG-13 movie can only use the f-word once and keep it's PG-13 rating. As far as I remember this movie didn't use it.)

Sex/Romance: Yeah, some kissing at the end. bleh

Violence/Gore: Violence, yes, but not really any gore.

Were there moments I shifted uncomfortably on the couch? : No! This movie was actually enjoyable the whole way through for all three of us!

Thoughts: I LOVE this movie! What a fun ride! Bruce Willis, action, comedy, good story line, tension, strong female characters... All three of us really enjoyed this movie! It was a fun action flick with great moments of character and humor.

Music: I only took note of the music at the end of the movie in one of the final scenes, but it was good.

In the End: 5 out of 5 stars, I would like to be Helen Mirren's character when I grow up, please.

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