Return of The Thief (The Queen's Thief #6)

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The long-awaited final book of the series!

Final Summary:

*Edited to add paragraph on one minor issue marked with * below.

Total Hours to Read: Just over 5

--Average pages per minute: 1.47

Sex/Romance: There is some very light heterosexual and homosexual romance. I loved how simple it was. Never anything over-the-top or in your face, just, yeah, this is a part of life.

Language: I actually didn't notice any this time, so if there was any it was minimal.

Violence: There is a bit more violence in this book, including bullying and a lightly described torture session.

Thoughts: I have waited for this book for SO LONG. Even before I knew to be waiting for it, I was waiting for it. The first book was published when I was just two years old, and now at twenty-six, the series has finally received its final book! The amount of joy and anticipation upon finding the package waiting for me when I got home was amazing! I was so excited as well when I opened up the box and saw that my hope was fulfilled and the final book was thicker than all the previous books (to account for bringing together and ending so many peoples' stories).

The style of this book felt very similar to The King of Attolia, in that we get a lot of Eugenides, but from someone else's perspective. This book introduces us to one final key character: Pheris. Pheris is the one to bring us to the end and to be where the action is at all the right times to tie up all the loose ends. His character is so meticulously well-crafted, and following along in his head felt at times uncannily similar to the young mind of Eugenides.

The story was expertly crafted, yet again, and like in every other book I was constantly surpised at each new twist and turn. I love how even when I might know what Eugenides is going to do (which is rare), it still surprises me when he actually does it!

We get to see all our favorite characters again, and we get to see them all interact with each other. And let me just say that the humor between such different characters and under such tense circumstances was absolutely on point.

We find out new things constantly. Sometimes it's something little that might seem inconsequential. Sometimes it's something that radically shifts what you thought you knew.

*I do have to say, there is one snippet that is lifted straight out of Shakespeare's play Henry V. It wasn't exactly the same, but similar enough that I immediately picked up on it and went, heyyyy, wait a minute. It is a good bit from Henry V, but it did feel a tad like cheating.

The ending. The ending is what we needed. It's more than we could have hoped for. It's beautiful and poignant and gives you one last good twist to think about to top it all off.

In the end: 5 out of 5 stars. The Thief stole many things, but my heart I gave willingly.