Snowpiercer (The Movie)


Rating: R

Could I have watched this with my Dad? : I think so.

Could I have watched this with my Mom? : Nope.

Language: Yep. A lot of f-bombs.

Sex/Romance: None!

Violence/Gore: Yes, there is a lot of violence and blood. I twisted my body around in sympathy a couple times.

Intense moments? : Well, I picked a good chunk out of one fingernail and ruined the cuticles of a few, yeah, I would say the movie keeps the intensity going pretty well!

Music: They utilised music in this movie really well. There was only one small moment where I found it a bit distracting. I'm definitely using one of the pieces in my workouts. The piece in the credits nearly made me cry.

Did I feel the need to leave the lights off and sit in silence afterwards? : Yes, at least for a little bit of the credits.

Was there a food pairing? : No, I got so involved in the movie I forgot to make dinner!

Thoughts: First off, there was some beautiful cinematography in this movie that I really loved. From what I can tell the movie has a completely different story line than the graphic novels except for the main goal of "get to the front." I was very appreciative that the movie didn't have the same high level of sex and language as the graphic novel. I was left wondering at the ending a little bit, but maybe that's what they were going for? I really loved the darkness, the intensity, and just the world of this movie. In looking up some of the actors on IMDB, I discovered that they're making a TV series out of Snowpiercer now! I will be interested to see the differences between the graphic novel, the movie, and the show.

Was this a good use of a night with the house to myself? : Yes.

In the End: 5 out of 5 stars, what a journey! (Also, Chris Evans' face never disappoints!)