The Christmas Chronicles - Family Watch


Rating: PG

Language: Two "hell" and one "cr*p"

Sex/Romance: Definitely neither.

Violence/Gore: Some moments of peril.

Music: There is one song in the movie that is one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs now! (Otherwise, not much of note.)

Thoughts: I laughed so hard my chest hurt! What a fun movie! I watched it with my parents for Christmas last year, and this year had the chance to watch it again with my parents as well as my brother and his girlfriend. Absolutely loved it both times. A fun story, (it's always nice to get a new Christmas story that isn't the typical Hallmark ™ plot), with a touching depiction of the sweet healing of relationships. Enjoyed getting yet another new take on Santa Claus. (They never get old!) Also, Kurt Russell as Santa absolutely rocks that beard!

In the End: 5 out of 5 stars. Santa Claus is back in town!

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