The Greatest Showman - Family Watch


Rating: PG-13

Language: Yes, up to d**n.

Sex/Romance: Romance, yeah. Kissing, y e a h. Bleh.

Violence, Gore, Intense moments?: Violence and gore? No. Intense moments? Yeah, but all on a PG-13 level. A couple fights, a hot second with a fire (pun intended). Nothing real major.

Music: As I'm sure everybody knows by now, (it's OK if you don't, though), this movie has a killer soundtrack. If you find yourself in need of some motivation or just want a fantastic sing-along, this soundtrack is amazing!

Was there a food pairing? : Yes! My Dad grilled teriyaki chicken for us, and my Mom roasted some broccoli and heated up some pre-made garlic baby potatoes. A fantastic meal. Only slightly distracted from the movie 'cause I eat chicken with my fingers. It was fine, though, since it was like my 4th time seeing it!

Thoughts: Most of my thoughts about this movie are under the "Music" heading. But seriously, this movie is so cool. I just wish it could have come a little sooner. Who knows, maybe it would have saved the actual circus from shutting down?

In the End: 4 out of 5 stars, could have used less kissing.

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