The Hunger Games: Catching Fire -Family Watch


Rating: PG-13

Language: A small amount of mild language and a couple bleeped out f-bombs.

Sex/Romance: Yes, there is some romance. A young woman gets naked in front of others but we see only shoulders up and a bit of bare back.

Violence/Gore: Again, violence is a central focus with the games, but there is a bit less gore in this one than the first.

Music: Several variations on themes from the first movie, but somehow just not quite as memorable over-all.

Thoughts: There are a few inconsistencies between the book and the movie (as usual), but also just within the movie. For instance, <<<<<SPOILER>>>>> once Peeta mentions that Katniss is "pregnant" her pregnancy is never mentioned again within the games. They never worry about her, favor or coddle her, or question her about being pregnant. It seems to be a pretty glaring gap to leave in the story.<<<<<END SPOILER>>>>>

Switching directors really did seem to help. This movie followed the book much closer than the first, and did better with showing real, negative, long-lasting impacts of the games and just the world these characters live in. PTSD is finally given a cameo, and we finally get to see Katniss explain that this is not the time for forcing romantic decisions. There was still a heavy love triangle focus, but I appreciate that she at least got to make her point.

In the End: 4 out of 5 stars, but I still think the fans had ideas for better trailers than this movie got

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