The Hunger Games -Family Watch


Rating: PG-13

Language: I only caught one "d**n"

Sex/Romance: Some romance with a couple kisses as well.

Violence/Gore: Yes and yes. This movie is centered around violence, and there is some gore to go along with that.

Music: I loved the very Appalachian music. It was often beautifully understated and packed a good punch of emotion. It also fits very well with the location of District 12.

Thoughts: It has been so long since I first read the books that I can't make any deep comparisons between the books and the movies. However, one of the main issues with the adaptation was the focus on the romantic love aspect rather than the familial love that was the driving factor for Katniss in the books. The movies tended to get people choosing Team Peeta or Team Gale, when really Katniss was all about her sister Prim.

There is a death via flying, stinging bugs, and as someone with a mild phobia of such bugs I seriously hate that scene.

All in all, it is a fun watch that is especially worth it for the movies that come after. (And if you find the movies lacking, just read the books! I promise they give you so much more!)

In the End: 4 out of 5 stars and props to my mom who so patiently accepts all of my book commentary on movie adaptations!

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