The Incredibles 2 - Family Watch


Rating: PG

Language: For a PG movie I was very surprised at the language. Crap was used a couple times among some others. If you have kids and/or are sensitive to this sort of thing, keep an ear out.

Sex/Romance: Naw.

Violence/Gore: No gore, but some violence since it is a superhero movie (even if it is animated).

Music: Ugh, I LOVE the music style Michael Giacchino uses for the Incredibles films! Really fun music that isn't afraid to amp up the intensity at exactly the right moments!

Thoughts: I loved this movie! While I was shocked at the language allowed in a PG film, I still really enjoyed watching it. I laughed, hard, throughout the film, and LOVED getting to see a really well done sequel to a movie I loved so much as a kid. I appreciated how the movie kept their political statements extremely minimal and subtle, and I liked what they chose to speak on.

In the End: 5 out of 5 stars, what an Incredible follow-up!

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