The King of Attolia (The Queen's Thief #3)

Book 3 in The Queen's Thief series

Final Summary:

Total Hours to Read: Just under 4

--Average pages per minute: 1.69

Sex/Romance: There is some romance in this book. It is sweet, unobtrusive, well-written and will sneak up on you. There is also the mention of concubines and taking mistresses.

Language: D**n is scattered throughout

Violence: Some, but nothing very gory.

Thoughts: This is probably my favorite book of the series. Well, the first book is my favorite sentimentally, and this is my favorite book for the masterfully clever and subtle machinations of Eugenides as well as the amazing character developments.

This book is a big one for character development. We see amazing depths revealed with Eugenides, but we also get insight into several other key characters that become pillars in the story. But my favorite part is seeing just how clever and conniving Eugenides can be from someone else's point of view. You might feel slighted, or disinterested without Eugenides seeming to be the main character so much anymore, but trust me, Costis will grow on you pretty quickly. Plus we still get plenty of the wonderful revelatory moments where you just shake you head at yourself for thinking you ever had a clue as to where this all was going.

In the end: 5 out of 5 stars. Masterfully clever.

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