The Little Prince - Family Watch

Available on Netflix as of the date of this post


Rating: PG

Language: None.

Sex/Romance: None.

Violence/Gore: None actually depicted, though there are lead-ins that make it pretty clear what comes after. But nothing severe. (Especially not for grown-ups). Death is a topic dealt with in this movie, though.

Music: Magical and often beautifully ethereal. I was actually pretty surprised to discover at the end that Hans Zimmer was the composer, as it seemed to stray from his normal style, but I absolutely LOVE the music.

Thoughts: Like the music this movie was magic and often beautifully ethereal. I absolutely loved the story and the animation styles used. I loved how they mixed animation styles to differentiate between the story and the story within the story. I was really surprised to find out that this movie had quite a few well-known names in the cast. Everyone did a fantastic job with this movie. So well done. My Mom and I both actually thought this movie was originally in French, and both started watching the characters' lips to try and see if they matched up. (Spoiler - they did match up because the movie was made in English.) I loved the French influence in the music played by the Aviator. I just really loved this movie, it was so magical.

In the End: All the stars in the night if you'll excuse me I would like to go stick hundreds of glow in the dark stars on my bedroom ceiling and walls...

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