The Maze Runner

Final Summary:

Total Hours to Read: 4 ½

--Average pages per minute: 1.42

Sex/Romance: Really nothing. There's the opportunity for romance, the mention of possible lovers, and mocking for "romance," but in reality, there isn't anything.

Language: Minimal use of mild language, and heavy use of fictional language that is used in place of a variety of swear words. (When I first read this years ago, I didn't really know a lot of swear words like sh*t, f**k, etc. So to me the only words that mattered were when they said cr*p.)

Violence: Yes, there is plenty of violence and a fair amount of gore to go with it all. Some descriptions can be a bit unsettling. (There is a very small element of horror that pops up every now and again.)

Thoughts: This is a series off my shelves. I remember when I first read the series I practically devoured the books and felt physically and mentally exhausted by the time I finished. They are a wild and mind-bending rush of stories.

Here are some of my thoughts from this read:

Right off the bat, the narration didn't make me love any of the characters. I mean, I kinda liked/cared about some of them, but that only went so far. And once people started dying, I never even teared up.

<<<<<SLIGHT SPOILER>>>>> There is a girl. One girl (because that is important to the plot of this book and ties into the backstory for the series). You'd think with only one girl to write for she should be pretty well-written, right? WRONG. She was a disgrace. Our main character only ever seemed to notice how just stunningly gorgeous she was, even when she smelled oh so pleasantly of SWEAT. She has just such a beautiful voice like a frikkin fairy, is surrounded by boys who instantly try to claim her for themselves, and had almost no real point in the story. The things she did could have just as easily been done by a boy without all the inner commentary on how hot he was even though dressed so plainly and in a coma. When it comes down to it I would have rather had no female characters than this shameful excuse for a girl. It would have fit fine with the story and a boy might have been better written. We'll just have to see if she improves any in the next book and if any other girls pop up that might be better developed. <<<<<END SLIGHT SPOILER>>>>>

The real draw of these books is the plot. Fascinating, with twists and turns worthy of a true maze, and a constant string of new questions to always keep you wondering and scouring each new page for answers. The pacing of the book was impeccable. Never a slow moment. Always one question being answered while 5 new ones burn in your brain.

In the end: 4 out of 5 stars. Intriguing story, but good gracious could you have written a weaker, more worthless, practically non-existent female character? C'mon, dude.