The Maze Runner -Series Review

Final Summary:

Total Hours to Read: 19 hours and 42 minutes

--Average pages per minute for the series: 1.46

Romance: Some light references throughout the series, but usually pretty obscured in subtext and rarely (if ever) anything substantial.

Language: Use varies across the series, ranging from none to mild use of fictional swear words and mild real-world language. (Cr*p is most common.)

Violence/Gore: A good amount of both across the entire series.


  • I loved the story of the original trilogy

  • The mystery and tension were best with the first book, dipped only slightly with the next two, and were not as much a factor in the two prequels

  • I would have preferred to not read the prequels

  • Both prequels felt tacked on like afterthoughts, not planned for in advance

  • The female presence was WEAK (few females, not well written, most often useless and/or a villain)

  • There are some pretty hefty moral issues touched on that get glossed over

  • The "twist" at the end of the final prequel book was upsetting and possibly weakened the entire series

In the end: 3 out of 5 stars. Started strong, but felt like the prequels unnecessarily muddied the waters.

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