The Old Guard


Rating: R

Could I have watched this with my Dad? : Yep!

Could I have watched this with my Mom? : Maaaaaybe.

Language: Very light mild language and a couple f-bombs.

Sex/Romance: There is some homosexual romance and allusion to heterosexual sex.

Violence/Gore: Yes, a decent amount of both.

Music: Similar feel to 6 Underground, as it had a good mix of orchestral scoring and pop music.

Did I feel the need to leave the lights off and sit in silence afterward? : I did just sit for a bit through the credits, but all the lights were on, so it doesn't really count.

Was there a food pairing? : Red Baron Brick Oven Pepperoni Pizza! Delicious.

Thoughts: I didn't know how much I needed Charlize Theron as a badass immortal warrior of unknown age until I started this movie.

It is a thing of beauty to watch this team work in harmony. They fight together as if they have been doing so for centuries, and it's because they have! When they fight they are brutally efficient and their skill is undeniable. They have the confidence, skill, and instinctive knowledge of each other's fighting styles from hundreds of years of fighting and fighting together and that makes them dangerous beyond belief.

I think really the whole group dynamic is my favorite part. The found-family aspect, how they fight together, and how they all interact after knowing each other for literally hundreds of years.

I love how within the group and from each of its members we get to see so many different types of love depicted, not only found family (one of my favorites), but we also get platonic love, romantic love (admittedly not one of my favorites, but good God above these guys made me cry!), enemies to lovers (more told than shown, though), familial love, and the deep bonds of friendships that are forged in fire over centuries.

I absolutely loved the powerful women in this movie.

<<<<<<<<<< SPOILERS >>>>>>>>>>

I loved having a strong woman in charge. AND she is in charge for the right reasons: She is the oldest, the most knowledgable and the most skilled, she is wise (don't do repeats), and has (or at least had) a vision, a purpose for their group. She clearly knows what she's doing and holds command well and not lightly.

We had a couple other strong women as well with Nile and Quynh. I loved that for all the women we got to see their strengths and vulnerabilites without them being depicted as female weakness. And when I say we see their strengths, I mean it is glorious. MAJOR SPOILER HERE>>>>> Even when Andy loses her immortality, she retains command. She does fall into the "hide my wound from my teammates/loved ones" trope, and that doesn't quite seem to fit right within the story and the group dynamics. But, once everyone knows, she stays in command of the group and no one challenges her on that. They all work to protect her, sure, but that is completely understandable. And when Andy begins to feel smothered by their protection, she forges ahead on her own terms -but not recklessly. She still knows exactly what she's doing. She takes more care to avoid being injured and is smart about it while continuing to fight on her terms. I also love how the team then respects that and continues to protect her as they can while immediately adjusting to her new set boundaries. <<<<<END MAJOR SPOILER

I loved that in having several women in different positions we not only got more diversity, we also got to see even more varieties of love. We get the love of sisters and an almost maternal love. We get to see how the women interact and bond vs the male-female bonds. We also get to see Andy's perhaps begrudging but extremely protective nature towards the new immortals. (And really, she is just worried that others will have to suffer the same pains and struggles of their shared immortality.)

My angriest moment had to do with the plot (so really, they did a good job creating the villains). I only have one question: Why do people always think it's their place to make decisions for others????!?!!!!! Why do people insist on, I don't like the choice you're making so I have some greater responsibility (to the world, to society, etc) to make the correct decision for you. It makes me LIVID.

<<<<<<<<<< END SPOILERS >>>>>>>>>>