The Starless Sea

Final Summary:

Total Hours to Read: 7 ½

--Average pages per minute: 1.10

Sex/Romance: Heterosexual romance and sex (brief and not described in detail. Younger kids might miss the implication of "tangled bodies"), homosexual romance.

Language: None.

Violence: Yes, violence but no super gory descriptions or anything.

Thoughts: WOW.

I put a hold on this book at my library before it even came out, and so did about 40 other people. I was excited because I had loved Ms. Morgernstern's previous book, "The Night Circus," and the description of this book sounded fascinating. As much as I love "The Night Circus" for its magic and beauty and amazingly creative story, this book is, like, a thousand times, a million times even more magical and beautiful and phenomenally creative! The entire time I was reading this book it felt like a distant dream. A fever dream. A hallucination of the beautiful (but maybe deadly?) variety. It only took me seven and a half hours to read, and the last four and a half were binged late at night into the early morning hours, but time seemed to stretch and bend around the story and it felt as if I had lived for ages or never at all by the time I finished. When I finished, I sobbed. For ten solid minutes after I finished I just sobbed at the beauty and the mystery and the magic and the resolutions and the things unresolved and the incredible amount of intelligence and insane skill it took to write a book in that manner (you'll understand if you read it, things...aren't quite in order). And I think I was partially mourning the experience. Once you've read the book you can never read it for the first time again. It is a very special experience that you only get one chance at. (Unless you get amnesia, then ho boy am I going for a second ride!)

In the end: 5 out of 5 stars to light your path to The Starless Sea.

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