The Terminal


Rating: PG-13

Language: Pretty much the only word used was s**t, but they used it a fair amount.

Sex/Romance: The main supporting character is having an affair with a married man and this is discussed throughout the movie.

Violence/Gore: None.

Music: I recognized John Williams' work as the score often sounded very similar to the score for "Catch Me If You Can."

Thoughts: I thought this was meant to be a comedy. (Apparently, it is more of a comedic romantic drama. )The story felt sad more than anything, especially when you find it out it was based on a true story that did not have a happy ending. I mean, there were funny moments, but overall the movie did not feel funny. The supporting female character was weak, the story was not that comedic, and I finished the movie more disappointed than anything else. I guess if you want a semi-heart-warming story with some comedic moments, then go for it!

Mom loved it and thought it was a great movie. Dad liked it just fine.

In the End: 2 out of 5 stars. You could maybe get the same amount of comedy from a movie about a terminally ill patient...

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