The Twilight Saga -Ironic Watch


Series Length: 10 ½ hours in 5 movies

Language: Minimal use of mild language.

Sex/Romance: I wouldn't call any of what happened romance per se, but yes. There is meant to be romance (it is the focus of the movies) and there is some sex in the later movies. (I can't say specifically which one(s) unfortunately, as we watched them all back to back and they all started to blend together.)

Violence/Gore: Definitely violence, and some bursts of gore throughout. There are also beheadings, bodies burned, vampire's limbs ripped off, murderous babies thrown into fires, vampires suckin' on people, and intimations of rape among other things.

Music: I was a bit shocked how much of the soundtrack was already familiar to me because of TikTok.

Did I feel the need to leave the lights off and sit in silence afterward? : Actually...yeah. Just a little.

Thoughts: Ok, LOOK. This was an Ironic Watch. I was NOT supposed to get this invested! But I guess when you are involved in a single storyline for over 10 hours'd be hard to not get invested.

There is a lot wrong with this series. A TON of emotional manipulation and emotional abuse. Gaslighting. Stalking. Suicide attempts. Glorification of all of the above. Would I recommend this in seriousness to anyone? Absolutely not. Especially not young and impressionable children. BUT- would I, in my mid-twenties, watch all 10 ½ extended hours in full blu-ray glory with my best friend with the main goal of getting drunk and laughing at it? ABSOLUTELY.

  • We started around 11 am and finished at 10 pm on the dot.

  • We both had a couple of drinks (Seagram's Escapes for me and Corona Refrescas for her) to start us off and then my friend started mixing drinks for us before we started Breaking Dawn.

  • I do have to agree that a story focused on literally any other character besides Edward, Bella, or Jacob, would be infinitely more interesting.

  • There was plenty to laugh at the whole way through, although I will say there was significantly less laughing by the last movie.

  • My friend, having read the books, related to me how accurate the adaptations were and we both lamented that this was the book series that got the most accurate adaptation in full.

  • Despite all my years of caring nothing for the series and seeing all sorts of spoilers and not caring, I somehow managed to not spoil the actual ending. I did not see it coming, and it hit me like a freight train.

For years I unashamedly hated on the Twilight series. Books or movies it didn't matter. When it was all the rage that was just the way things were. Either you loved it and it became your life or you bashed it to let everyone know that you weren't one of those girls. I would like to apologize. While this series may not be the writing standard to aim for and the movies certainly aren't paragons of virtue, it is never right to bash something you know nothing about. And I have to say, despite watching it just to laugh at it, while I did laugh a lot, I did also cry during the final movie. I did not think I cared until my favorite character died and all of a sudden I was screaming.

Overall Series:

This is about how my moods went across the hours.

Twilight - 🤣🥂

New Moon - 😂🍷

Eclipse - 😄🍾

Breaking Dawn pt. 1 - 😀🍻

Breaking Dawn pt. 2 - 😅🤨