There is an otherworldly battle in my neighborhood...

I have no picture evidence for this one..yet? But I am convinced that there is some sort of crazy, ongoing, otherworldly war taking place in my neighborhood. It started when I noticed an all black Cat that was hanging around and would occasionally pass through our backyard. Not a big deal, and I wasn't really superstitious until I saw it one morning and then had a terrible day, but whatever nbd. More recently though I have noticed an all white Cat roaming the neighborhood as well. I'm pretty sure it's not a Gandalf type situation because I'm fairly certain that I have seen both Cats roaming recently.

Obviously there is a war between good and evil going on with these cats, perhaps a civil war, even. Something I have picked up on that would not be so obvious to the casual observer though is that the black cat is actually heading up the resistance on behalf of the Good, while the white cat is nearly Evil incarnate. I am not sure if these agents are also fighters, or if they are merely the espionage and sabotage scouts sent ahead of the front lines, but if they are part of the all-out war, it is a very quiet and sneaky war.

So what is happening specifically? I can't be entirely sure, but I think I can say with confidence that it is inextricably linked to the sudden influx of Bunny agents in my neighborhood...

Now the Bunnies have some really good defenses, namely the Baby Speak ™ defense that kicks in anytime they are spotted by a Human. This defense is very strong and distracts the observer from picking up any information about the Bunny or its actions and results in them only being able to repeat inane drivel such as, "BUNNY! Bunny bunny bunny bunnybunnyb u n n y." I myself have fallen victim to this defense many a time. Unfortunately, it only works on non-war agents, namely Humans, and does nothing to defend against the Cats. I don't know if they are allied with one side or another of this war, perhaps they are their own side, or perhaps they are profiteer arms and information dealers working the war from both sides. Perhaps these Bunnies are innocent bystanders. All I know is I have seen the carnage that comes when a Cat decides a Bunny is guilty. I have to wonder if that was a threat. It could be that I let slip something that alerted these Agents to the fact that I was Aware. Shockingly, the Squirrels seem to be completely uninvolved and possibly even unaware of the strife and subterfuge taking place beneath them every day and night.

What does this mean for the neighborhood? What does this mean for the world? We can only wait to find out. In the meantime, be on the lookout around your dwelling for Cat and Bunny agents. Remember not to trust appearances, and never approach the Agents. If you spot one, simply observe as best you can, and then keep silent about what you learn. Knowledge is worth its weight in gold, but it can also get you killed.

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